Cheap Car CD Players – What To Look For

Understanding What To Look For In Cheap Car CD Players 

Over the years, the entertainment sector has changed dramatically. The Walkman is no longer utilized and has been replaced by higher-tech and more convenient alternatives, such as iPods and iPhones. For the frequent traveler, things have also transformed. Car CD players have gone through a major transformation. They’re no longer dedicated solely to CDs. Now, they’re more versatile than ever. Even cheap car CD players can provide you with added functionality. Within this guide, you will learn precisely what to look for in an affordable CD player for your vehicle.


When attempting to purchase one of these devices, you will find that the prices vary wildly. Some are unreasonably expensive, but there are cheap car CD players, as well. Even the cheap models can provide you with an array of features and a thoroughly impressive audio quality. With this in mind, you should not feel obligated to spend excessively. Just set a budget, before moving forward and you should be fine.


Now, you should attempt to figure out what type of music you’re going to listen to. This has nothing to do with the music’s genre. Instead, you should examine the format. Do you want to play CDs in your vehicle or would you prefer to utilize digital music? There are many cheaper receivers, which do not come with a CD player. If you absolutely need the ability to play CDs, you should opt for a CD player and media receiver combo. Otherwise, you should be well served by your receiver and your iPhone.

SD Card Slot and USB Port 

Next, you will want to figure out, whether or not you want a USB port or SD card slot. If you would like to store your music on a SD card, you should make sure that your in-dash unit is equipped with SD slot. At the same time, a USB port is highly recommended. This will give you the ability to charge your mobile device directly from your vehicle.

Built-In Bluetooth 

In the past few years, Bluetooth has grown immensely in popularity. It is used for many purposes nowadays and is readily available in car CD players. Even some of the cheaper varieties are equipped with this feature. Built-in Bluetooth will give you the ability to stream your music from your device to your stereo wirelessly. Since the addition of this feature won’t increase the price too much, it is highly recommended.

Take Measurements 

All car stereos tend to be seven inches wide, but they’re available in different heights. Typically, they’re either single DIN or double DIN. Single DIN means that the unit will be 2 inches in height, while double DIN models are 4 inches in height. In order to ensure that your unit will fit into your vehicle perfectly, you should take precise measurements. Failing to do so could result in future problems.


When it comes down to it, you should take your time and analyze each and every aspect of the CD player, before making your purchase. Above, you have discovered some of the most important things to take into account. Be sure to incorporate this information into your purchase, so you can make the best decision for your money.